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Why Is Scully Connect™ Better?

Posted by Scully Signal on Nov 6, 2018 11:00:16 AM

How to Eliminate the Pain Points You’ve Experienced with Plug-n-Play Systems

There’s a new way to Connect for overfill prevention systems! When our customers told us plug-and-play systems were a great idea, but they wanted Scully quality—we listened—and engineered the best quick-connect, pre-wired sensor system you can buy: Scully Connect.Our goal was to eliminate the “pain points” for failure-free operation. Because it has Scully quality built-in, operators can expect the exact same reliable 30-year proven technology in our sensors—with the only changes being the rugged re-design of the holder and the configuration of the wire connections within the holder.

What is Scully Connect?Scully-Connect_Release-Announcement-250pxl

Scully Connect™ is an advanced tool-less overfill prevention sensor that allows for quick, easy, and error-free installation of your overfill prevention system.

Why Is it Different from Typical Plug-n-Play Designs?

  1. The first thing to know: it is not a copy of other plug-and-play devices. It’s a fully researched, highly engineered, quick connection solution.
  2. It provides pre-wired and cabled, direct sensor-to-sensor connection; no harnesses.
  3. Scully’s design enhances safety by preventing system bypassing.
  4. The system ensures absolute reliability with marine-grade connections, and weather-resistant sensor holders and caps.
  5. Comprehensive three-year system warranty.
  6. Scully Connect features Dynacheck® continuous self-checking circuitry.
  7. Extensively field tested in harsh environments for over three years.

How Will it Help You?

  • Save time
  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce costs
  • Perform reliably
  • Increase safety

You Want Safety. You Want Scully.

Scully Connect brings it all together with our fail-proof systems that integrate flawlessly for unparalleled safety and ease of use, providing fast, easy sensor connections. You get the quality of Scully’s original, hard-wired systems with the convenience of next-generation, quick-connect, pre-wired systems. Scully Connect_US Brochure_Aug 2017_02

Connect at NTTC Tank Truck Week!

Click here to learn more now—and come say hello if you are attending NTTC Tank Truck Week, booth 426, to see the Scully Connect demo! We look forward to seeing you soon!Learn about the newest, safest, most reliable way to Connect at the NTTC Tank Truck Week and see Scully’s latest engineering innovation. We’d love to show you Scully Connect while at NTTC Tank Truck Week 2018! We’ll be exhibiting our latest engineering innovation at the event. North America’s premier tank truck equipment trade show will be held November 5 through 7.

If we can answer any questions about Scully Connect now, contact us


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